An annual 24 hour community run fundraiser

#spBR19 is June 15/16!

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A 24-hour group challenge raising funds for
Palestinian women and children
Midday Sat 15 June – Midday Sun 16 June 2019
Meersbrook Park, Sheffield

In 2018 we raised £7,000 the Khuza’a Children’s Play and Heal project and the Sheffield Palestine Women’s Scholarship FundCan we do better this year?

The 2019 T-shirt is available in children’s, women’s’ and mens’ sizes. Further details of sizes and styles here

We will run continuous circuits of Meersbrook park over 24 hours with at least two people on the course at all times. Entrants will be able to run, wheel, jog, walk, hop(!) shifts from 30 minutes upwards. You can choose how long and at what time you would like to run when you enter. You can run as an individual or as part of a team.

At 12.15pm on Sunday 16th we complete the 24 hours with a  free Community/Family Fun Run of one lap. ALL WELCOME.

But that’s not all. Find out about our additional plans and hopes for 2019

What’s it all about?

Palestinians do not enjoy freedom of movement. Journeys we take for granted, like going to school or work, visiting friends or family or trips to hospital can be much more demanding or even impossible for Palestinians faced with the ever-changing restrictions on movement imposed by the Israeli security forces.

Our event will draw attention to the situation and raise funds for two Sheffield based projects in aid of Palestine

This year, as well as re-emphasizing the lack of the right to movement and daily restriction,  we want to focus on two things .

First, that  at the heart of the Palestinian experience is separation: from family, from community, from home. We will be telling stories from people in Sheffield and from Palestine who have experienced separation.

Second, what we can do locally to build community with Palestinians and bridges across to them. We will be encouraging individual runners here to ‘twin’ with runners in Palestine.

More on both of these things soon.


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