My friend the flag part 3

Our fiend and supporter Judy walked for 50 hours over 24 days to cover one kilometre for every year of her life.

She had 150+ encounters with individuals, couples, families, friends and dogs and toiled up the hill to complete my 73rd kilometre lap where she was duly presented with a certificate by the Mayor.

You can read her final instalment here

Health and trauma in Palestine – closing spbr21

Every year after small park BIG RUN we link up with our partners in Palestine. It is a wonderful event; and this year it also an opportunity to learn from and show solidarity with Palestinian people.

This year was no exception – it proved to be a wonderful and important moment of solidarity and friendship. 

At the start we had a very moving tribute to Fatima Al Ajarma, who died this year at the age of 100, after a lifetime of resistance demanding her right to return to her land in Ajjur.

You can watch the tribute from her granddaughter, Kholoud, read by Sheffield PSC activist Annie O’Gara:

You can also read the tribute here.

As our overall theme this year was health and health inequalities in Palestine we had two speakers that gave us insights into different aspects of health care.

We heard about the impact of Covid-19 on healthcare in Aida Refugee Camp, Bethlehem from Dr Mohammed Abu Sroar. Listen to the audio here

And from Dr Osama Freina, Director of Gaza Community Mental Health Programme in the Southern Part of the Gaza Strip, we heard about the describe terrible impact of violence on children. Listen to the audio of Musheir Al Farra interviewing and then translating here

As in past years we had a link up with our partners at the Never Stop Dreaming Charity Association ( – one of the organisations that we have worked with for many years and will benefit directly from your fundraising efforts. You can watch a moving and heart-warming video of the children singing here:

Health and Israeli apartheid

This year at small park BIG RUN we chose the theme of health because that has been such a prominent public discussion in Britain and across the world.

We have put together some posters describing some of the gross inequalities faced by Palestinians in their daily lives, things we often take for granted. Health is yet another realm of life where Israeli apartheid holds sway.

The first poster is here and then follow the links

Sheffield’s ongoing work with the Children’s projects

Children playing at Never Stop Dreaming Charity Association Centre

The work of the children’s centres we support has not stopped during the recent bombardment of Gaza. In fact they are more needed than ever. You can read more in the latest newsletter about the children’s projects to find out how the money you raise will be spent.

We call it a run – but you don’t have to!

So we call it a run cos that’s what we do.

But we know running is not everyones cup of tea and this is a whole community thing: we want to be as inclusive as we can!

  • You don’t have to run
  • You don’t have to be in Sheffield
  • Do what you like best, where ever you happen to be
  • Sign up here

Carrying the flag for Palestine

Last year Judy, a local supporter of Palestine Solidarity and of the small park BIG RUN, carried the flag around Meersbrook for 72km and talked to loads of people about why she did this. She is doing the same this year. Say hello if you see her. This is her blog

Hello. I’m Judy and I’ve lived in Meersbrook, Sheffield for 14 years.

Standing in Meersbrook Park

As a teenager in the 60s I did the ‘hitchhiking across North Africa’ thing and the ‘kibbutz’ thing and i was blissfully ignorant of the reality and the history until relatively recently.

I am the same age as the State of Israel and I credit the small park BIG RUN with focussing my awareness on the Nakba – ‘the Catastrophe’ – that resulted for Palestinian people.

So last year, as we could not gather together in the park as we usually do, my activity was to walk a kilometre for every year of my life, every year that Palestinians have been enduring injustice.

I wrote a diary about that highly rewarding experience; in fact it was so rewarding that I am doing it again, this year. 73k with my Palestinian flag.

You can read about Judy’s adventures here

#spbr21 merchandise – order your buffs and flags

Our fantastic new buff design uses recycled plastic. It costs just £5 and all profits go towards the children’s projects and women’s scholarship fund. 

We also have Palestinian flags for sale to carry around on your DIY activity prices below:

Both will be on sale in the park on June 19/20 but you can also order now via email. We will contact you to arrange delivery or pick-up.