Entry guide

To sign up to the run you will need to visit this page and fill out the form, select time slots and make a payment.

You can choose to sign up as an individual, join an existing team or create your own team.

You will need to select the time and the  number of slots that you want to run.

We have split the run into four time periods
1. Saturday midday – 5.30pm
2. Saturday 6pm to 10pm
3. Saturday 10.30pm – Sunday 5.30am
4. Sunday 6am – midday

Each time period is further split into 30 minute time slots eg 5.30pm, 12.00pm, 7.00am  etc.

You can select
a) which time period you would like to run in,
b) at what time slot you would like to run
c) how many slots you want to run for.

But you don’t have to pick the exact time slot; you can choose to say ‘don’t mind what time slot’.

Closer to the date will contact all entrants to confirm their times.

  • For those who select particular time slots we do not envisage these will change.
  • For those who select ‘don’t mind what time slot’, you will be offered time slots that fit best with timetabling (this is very helpful to us). If you cannot do the suggested time slot you can contact us and we will do our best to re-arrange.