Choosing your running timeslots

Choosing your running timeslots

You will receive an email which has the subject:

Registration Confirmation for small park BIG RUN 2019

In the Order Summary section of this email there is a link

View and manage your order online

which allows you to edit the various options you selected when you registered. There is an Edit link at the top

Standard fee   Edit    Join Team

and when you click on this link you can change your options. Just before the

Terms and conditions – please read and agree to proceed section is the

Please select the timeslots you want to run *

option. You will now only be able to say that

I would like to choose my timeslots

Once you have clicked this option you will be asked to

Please check all your chosen slots *

and you will be presented with a list of all the timeslots: please choose when you (and your family, if you have registered for this type of ticket) want to run. Having selected your timeslots then you need to go to the bottom of the web page where you can

Save       or       Cancel

your changes: when you are happy with your timeslots you need to